Five Fall in Hackensack

Issue 10 and Volume 141.

Five Fall in Hackensack FIRE REPORT An early report of the tragic fire at a New Jersey> auto dealership gives up some critical lessons about bowstring truss failure and rescue operations at large-scale collapse sites. FIRST-ARRIVING fire companies responding to a report of a fire at the Hackensack, New Jersey Ford dealership found only a minor smoke condition near one of the overhead bay doors in the auto service area. In just over half an hour, five veteran firefighters were trapped and killed under a massive pile of stored auto parts and collapsed roof, ceiling, and truss assemblies. The July 1, 1988 Hackensack fire was, in terms of firefighter deaths, the worst in northern New Jersey since the 1967 Cliffside Park bowling alley fire that also claimed the lives of five firefighters. RELATED: Glenn Corbett in 1998: TEN MILES AND TEN YEARS THE INITIAL REPORT From building occupant reports, it appears…

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