Firefighter Training


多多在线观看免费视频Issue 9 and Volume 148.

FIRE INSPECTOR TRAINING BY GLENN P. CORBETT, P.E. The ability of the fire inspector to effectively and uniformly enforce a fire code rests squarely on a strong foundation of training. An inspector must receive comprehensive basic training, periodic update and refresher training, and possibly specialized (such as sprinkler plan review) training to do the job. It seems that just yesterday all we had to worry about were exit signs and fire extinguishers (and a “handful” of other things) during fire inspections. Ah, life in the Fire Prevention Bureau used to be so simple…. But not so today. The model fire code groups have seen fit to create a lengthy set of complex regulations that cover a wide variety of fire hazards as well as health and environmental concerns. It`s a major effort just to keep up; training becomes critical. BASIC TRAINING To have the essential skills to perform his duties,…

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