Fire Prevention & Protection


多多在线观看免费视频Issue 6 and Volume 149.

SIDEWALLS: THE “SUPERHUMAN” SPRINKLER HEAD? BY GLENN P. CORBETT, P.E. I`m always amazed at the new ways sidewall sprinklers are being used in the built environment–“superhuman” heads pointed in all directions, positioned behind obstructions, or installed under a variety of complicated ceiling types. Even more remarkable, many installers have found that these sprinklers, when used along with “smart water,” can perform amazing feats–even defying the laws of nature! Smart water, of course, is found only in certain areas of the country, but what a treasure! Water that can defy gravity and fly around corners and obstructions engenders envy in fire inspectors working in jurisdictions with just plain water. Of course, my satirical look at sidewall sprinklers and smart water is just that–satire. Unfortunately, the reality is that many sidewall sprinklers are being installed–and in many situations are being asked to perform beyond their capabilities. Before we look at their installation,…

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