Firefighter Training


Issue 11 and Volume 151.

QUALITY TRAINING: ONE APPROACH BY EDDIE BUCHANAN The fire service is made up of roughly 80 percent volunteer or paid on-call firefighters. These volunteers face growing responsibilities at home and on the job that limit the time they can dedicate to the increasing training requirements of today`s fire service. Departments must find ways to fit the training around the volunteers` busy schedules if they expect to recruit and retain volunteers. THE HANOVER COUNTY APPROACH The Hanover County (VA) Fire Department has developed a program to better meet this growing challenge. Currently, the training staff consists of two full-time and two volunteer instructors, who are responsible for meeting the training needs of the more than 500 volunteer firefighters in the county. The program is divided into three major categories: recruit, intermediate, and specialty firefighter. New Recruit Training New recruits must first complete the 24-hour Fireground Operations course. Offered every six weeks,…

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