多多在线观看免费视频Issue 8 and Volume 155.

BY RICK LASKY Being assigned as the rapid intervention team (RIT) involves more than just gathering tools and standing around. It’s realizing that if something goes wrong, you’re it! And, it’s mostly about attitude; having a positive attitude toward this assignment is half the battle. If you’ve got your game face on, then sizing up the building and the fire and grabbing all of the right tools come easy. It’s the members who have a poor attitude-who think that being assigned as RIT is punishment and approach the assignment as if it’s their last fire-who need some help or maybe some “friendly” encouragement. When you go home to your family and someone asks you, “When you’re at a fire, who takes care of you and watches over you?” what do you answer? We know that the incident commander (IC) and the company officers take care of us and that as…

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