Roof Obstructions: Cell Towers

Issue 4 and Volume 156.

By Jack J. Murphy Cellular telephone towers have rapidly cropped up across America. They are camouflaged as large trees, overcrowd existing communication towers, are placed on top of water towers, and are present on the rooftops and exterior walls of many buildings. Of particular concern is the low-rise building that is still within the reach of ground ladders and aerial/tower ladders. Cell towers located along the roof edge or parapet can impede truck company roof operations. (1) Cell towers along a parapet. (Photos by author.) Click here to enlarge image null One of the new challenges for a chauffeur who is thinking about his position based on the anticipated fire progress is to keep in mind the presence of building cell towers and how to best position the truck for rooftop operations. One concern is cell towers that are lined up along the roof edge (see photo 1). They can…

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