It’s All About Attitude

Issue 7 and Volume 157.

By Scott Thompson and Eddie Buchanan Attitude can be a very powerful influence within an organization. Generally speaking, attitude is a mindset that affects behavior. Regardless of department size, location, or structure, company officers must deal with attitude every time they interact with the “troops.” Company officers must realize that attitudes, positive or negative, foster similar attitudes and have the potential to make or break the supervisor. Observe any firehouse, anywhere. Chances are it won’t be long before someone brings up the “A” word, generally in a negative context. Organizational attitude is the element of the organization’s culture that reflects the behavioral mindset of the dominant members. Leaders—formal and informal—within the organization have an audience and the potential to strongly influence the attitude of many members within the organization, and the number can grow daily. THE POWER OF ATTITUDE In the fire service, individual attitudes and organizational morale are often…

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