Mentoring Upside Down

Issue 9 and Volume 160.

OVER THE YEARS, THERE HAVE been a variety of articles on the benefits of formal mentoring programs. These articles have done a great job in providing guidance to departments on how to start and maintain a mentoring program. But what about those departments where the “leaders” are not interested in developing a mentoring program or they simply haven’t given it much thought? What do you do when you can’t get anyone to listen? Simple: Turn the process upside down and succeed regardless of the working conditions. It’s too easy to sit and complain about the department’s lacking a mentoring program. You end up sitting on the tailboard waiting and complaining instead of doing. Why not take control of the situation and choose your own mentors? Change starts as an internal, not external, process. Progress starts with someone serving as the catalyst for change. Why not you? Some of you have…

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