The Professor

Issue 2 and Volume 161.

BY GLENN P. CORBETT Photo 1: Commercial buildings usually come to mind when we think of steel as a structural member. Steel frames have become a staple in the single-family home arena as well. This “Fred Flintstone” home presents an unusual situation for firefighters. 1. Click here to enlarge image Photo 2: The 1835 “Great Fire of New York” was Manhattan’s biggest, consuming nearly 700 buildings in the Wall Street area. As this month’s “History on Fire,” this conflagration reminds us of firefighting efforts of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Explosives were used in most conflagrations (including this one) to create fire breaks, very often actually increasing the spread of the fire. Ironically, this issue is still with us today: Most of today’s fire insurance policies specifically exclude payouts to property owners who have had their home destroyed or damaged as the result of an “order of a public…

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