The Professor

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

BY GLENN P. CORBETT Photo 1: Some firefighters call the push bar across the center of the door “panic hardware.” It is actually called “fire exit hardware,” since it is used on a rated fire door in this photo. Panic hardware can only be used on nonfire-rated doors. Found in places of public assembly, both types of hardware are very similar in appearance—the only difference typically is the extra vertical rods to latch the fire door at the top and bottom in addition to the latch on the left side of the door frame. Fire exit hardware is also not permitted to be “dogged,” where the push bar is fixed in the “depressed” mode and is not latched. 1. Click here to enlarge image Photo 2: This wood-frame structure carries not only its own weight and everything inside but also these two massive billboards. What would be the result of…

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