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多多在线观看免费视频Issue 3 and Volume 162.

BY GLENN P. CORBETT Photo 1: Rooftop turbines are becoming increasingly common on structures, including this gasoline station pump island roof. Not only do the blades spin, but the entire turbine itself turns to catch the wind. Give them plenty of clearance when operating on a roof during a fire. (1)Photos courtesy of author. Click here to enlarge image Photo 2: Hotels need a quick way to get dirty towels and bedsheets from the upper floors down to the laundry room; they use soiled linen chutes. These chutes and the laundry room they terminate in are usually provided with a code-required sprinkler system, sometimes the only sprinkler protection in the building. The sprinkler head on this level is behind the angled hood at the left. When preplanning, note the location of the riser control valve, which may be hidden from view. (2) Click here to enlarge image Photo 3: This…

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