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New Codes and Standards Influence Future Tactics

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BY JACK J. MURPHY AND SEAN DeCRANE Although many past codes and standards have addressed building construction, building features, fire protection systems, fireground operations, and past building failures, how will the new codes and standards impact future tactical operations and firefighter safety? In the International Code Council (ICC) International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) (2012 editions) and in several new National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, the code and standard changes include new additions, changes in application, modifications, clarifications, special significance, and code section deletions. In the code highlights below, underlining indicates changes to the previous edition of the code or standard. Below are some significant approved code and standard amendments that will influence emergency tactical operations. New Tactical Intelligence and the Building Information Card (IBC Section 911.1.5.13 and IFC 508.1.5 Section/Change type: Modification): An approved Building Information Card [BIC] that contains, but is not limited to,…

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