Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple Dwellings, Part 2

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 4 and Volume 165.

BY BILL GUSTIN Part 1 of this series was published in the March 2012 issue. Fires in large multiple dwellings often require hose stretches that exceed the length of preconnected hoselines. When an engine company determines that a fire is beyond the reach of its longest preconnect, it has two options. One option is to connect more hose of the same diameter to the preconnect. In Part 1, we examined why there is a limit to how much a 1½- and 1¾-inch preconnect can be lengthened by adding hose of the same diameter. Each fire department must make this determination by flow testing its particular brand and grade of hose. The other option is to stretch 2½- or three-inch hose from the main hosebed and connect smaller hose near the fire. Stretching 2½- or three-inch hose gives you the ability to connect two smaller hoselines with a gated wye, but…

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