Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple Dwellings, Part 3

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 5 and Volume 165.

BY BILL GUSTIN If you encounter a fire floor hallway filled with smoke, you will have to initially stretch hose on the floor below the fire and in the stairwell, if it is relatively clear of smoke. Then, charge the line and advance it to the fire apartment. You must be disciplined to first locate the fire, as explained in Part 1, before beginning to stretch hose. If not, you risk stretching short or from the wrong stairway. One of the leading causes for stretching short at fires in multiple dwellings is failing to account for the amount of hose necessary to reach the fire apartment from the attack stairway and the hose necessary for the nozzle to reach any area in the fire apartment. This may be because you are accustomed to stretching hose in a training tower that doesn’t have hallways or in garden apartments where apartments on…

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