Firefighting, Fireground Management, Survival Zone

Firehouse Survival: Dealing with “Him”

Issue 4 and Volume 166.

By RICK LASKY Whether you are a volunteer, career, or part-time firefighter, the fire service is an incredible profession filled with people who want to serve others and who would do anything for one another-even for a complete stranger! Firefighters are special, and it’s okay to say that. Not everybody can be a firefighter. A lot have tried but, for one reason or another, some could not do the job. It takes someone special to do what we do. Not everybody can get up at two o’clock in the morning, leave his home or firehouse, crawl into someone’s burning home, and attempt to locate a fire and find trapped or missing occupants while wondering if the building is going to fall down on top of him or collapse underneath him. Not everybody can jump out of bed at midnight, respond to a motor vehicle accident, and try to cut someone’s…

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