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Fireground Strategies: Roc Harbor Complex, Rounds 1 and 2

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 8 and Volume 166.

BY ANTHONY AVILLO I am a major proponent of experience as a great teacher and a believer in the theory of recognition-primed decision making (RPD) as a quintessential factor in the genesis of strategy. In a nutshell, from the perspective of a fireground commander, RPD represents a method by which decisions are made based on previous situations and the decisions that were made at that time. This memory and experience-based knowledge and action drive our initial decisions and are compared with the current situation. From there, based on that situation, adjustments can be made, creating new situations to be stored in the brain for later use at another incident, which may or may not be similar. The use of RPD functions well in conditions fraught with the pressure of time in which information is incomplete and the situation is not completely defined. Hmm … sounds a lot like the fireground…

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