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No-Brainer Management, Part 3: He’s a “Handler”

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 3 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI In the last installment, associations were established between the rules of engagement and the effective use of our body parts-the anatomy and physiology (A&P) of organizational behavior. These parts make up a whole person, and the focus of No-Brainer Management is to look at how an effective boss uses those A&P parts separately and together in a coordinated way. Sometimes, the parts all happily go together well and produce an effective outcome; sadly, other times, the parts ineffectively “bump into each other,” and that dysfunctional collision can produce a flubbed performance. Many times, it is difficult to get coached in body part performance, so flubbing can become habitual and then genetic. If the members within the organization do not collectively correct the dysfunctions, the resulting behaviors, which many times can be screwy, can invade the DNA of that overall system. Many times when we look at organizational…

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