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No-Brainer Management, Part 4: Tell Me What You Want

Issue 4 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last month, I started a discussion about a fire officer who was my boss when I was a young firefighter. He created a set of lessons for me that have lasted a lifetime. He served as a role model during the most formative time in my career—the time when I was attempting to learn how leadership was connected to effective performance (among a ton of other lessons). I described some of his characteristics and capabilities and related how the word “handler,” reserved for and rarely used to describe an A+, real, live, exceptional, fire-eating humanoid suited him to a “T.” As I worked with him, I watched and covertly took notes (mental and actual) on how he operated. As I continued to observe the environment inside his company (Engine 1), I noticed that the firefighters who worked for him always seemed to be more effective, safer, and…

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