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No-Brainer Management, Part 5: The Basic Management Model

Issue 5 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI In recent “Unplugged” COLumns, we have been discussing the current pondering, writing, and teaching project No-Brainer Management. I get to interact just about every month with firefighters and fire officers in a two-day seminar where we discuss the six No-Brainer areas of organizational behavior as they relate to being an effective boss. The material in the class is directed to what a boss routinely does; that is the reason we call it “No Brainer.” The participants typically are enthusiastic, smart, and experienced, and they always seem to teach me a lot when we get together. My role is to pretty much turn the lights on when we start and off when we are done. I guess they call that guy a “facilitator.” I have been going through the six No-Brainer areas in this column where I started describing a really simple approach to evaluating and improving our…

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