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No-Brainer Management, Part 6: Behavior Management

Issue 6 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI We are working our way through a series of separate subjects that together make up a No-Brainer Management writing/teaching program in which I am currently involved. So far, we have covered the basic topics of personal effectiveness, where we used our inventory of body parts to describe how well we perform. We connected a set of rules of engagement to our anatomy and physiology, which provides a simple, easy-to-understand instruction manual that helps us perform more effectively (particularly bosses). We then looked at how our inside organizational behavior connects to how we deliver service to the outside customer—we always say, “How Chief Smith treats Firefighter Smith gets acted out when that firefighter actually delivers service to Mrs. Smith.” We also presented a long-standing, very basic performance model that directly affects how well we are able to physically execute when we deliver problem-solving service. Last month, I ran…

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