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Winter Roof Collapses

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 7 and Volume 167.

By Glenn P. Corbett Now that the heat of summer is on us, it’s appropriate to look back on one of the worst ice- and snow-filled winters in recent memory. Much of the United States was plunged into a deep freeze for months; many areas were subjected to record-breaking snows. These photos were taken in the New York City area over a few weeks in early 2014. We know that water weighs approximately 62.4 pounds per cubic foot; snow, however, can vary in weight. Light, fluffy snow is roughly seven pounds per cubic foot, while “heavy, wet” snow can be as much as 20 pounds per cubic foot. So, two feet of heavy snow can approach 40 pounds per square foot on a rooftop. Layers of ice in the snow make it even heavier. Requirements for roof loading in current building codes like the International Building Code vary by region…

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