The Fire Attack-Ventilation Connection: Street Considerations

Issue 8 and Volume 167.

By Anthony Avillo In addressing and researching the recent scientific information regarding coordinating fireground operations in the modern fire environment, I analyzed the information and put it into terms that make it easier for me to understand and to pass on through my teachings and in the update of the third edition of my book Fireground Strategies. This is a very exciting time to be in the fire service, whether you are just beginning your career; you are at the doorstep of a promotion; or, like me, you are a veteran (approaching 30 years) who likes to refer to yourself as “seasoned by experience, trial and error, and lessons learned.” Throughout my career, I have tried to stay on the cutting edge and embrace new information as it appears. Although the information in the recent studies is not necessarily new, the science behind it reinforces the need for what we…

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