Firefighting, Fireground Management, Leadership

How to Measure Management

Issue 10 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI I recently was in a conversation with a young company officer who asked me, “How do you measure management”? My fairly predictable response was, “Beats me.” We continued to talk about the challenge involved in creating an understandable frame of reference for what a boss does (naturally) to be effective based on the situation that boss is trying to manage. The officer’s question about measuring levels of direction was logical and practical because it could describe a range of activities that could be connected managing the different things that occur in organizational life. Along that measurement range (going up), the management categories are not the same (some are more difficult) because the management of each category is not the same. Being able to place an individual on that vertical scale, where progressing up is stopped, could provide a special way to describe that person based on what…

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