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More on the Hierarchy

Issue 11 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last month, we started a new chase down the Unplugged rabbit hole that looks at a vertical list of activities that a boss does that defines the level of that person’s capability. We used the system the Peter Principle created that described that a person would work up to his level of personal competence/incompetence; we posed the fairly basic question that asked what that boss actually does (how he performs) when he reaches his individual level. It would seem that how that boss performs where he stops on the scale could be a more important issue, particularly for those who work for that boss, because that level of performance is what those subordinates (and everyone else) have to live with every day. Another part of this process is how that person performs (the Peter Principle score) based on what the requirements of his job/role is in the…

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