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Managing Appearance

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 12 and Volume 167.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI When you are lucky enough to have the monthly job of writing a column in the hit parade fire service trade journal, you must select something that you hope is relevant; slightly interesting; and, once in a while, entertaining. After you glom onto something to write about, you then think about and pay attention to anything that relates to that topic. It seems I am always doing mental “research” on my most recent topic as I travel about. Currently, this column is looking at the details and dynamics of a vertical list of how bosses define their job and what they do to act out what makes up that definition. We called that up/down list the “Bruno Unplugged Hierarchy”-as you trudge through life, you will never know what will be named after you as you evolve (or devolve?) into advanced seniority. I guess attaching your name to…

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