Fire Blog Roundup: Accountability, Air Management, and the Legal Forecast

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Andy Marsh on how it’s crucial to have a good accountability system in place and a trained accountability officer to manage it.


David Rhodes returns with a new Hump Day SOS.


Grant Schwalbe on the missing link in your engineer compartment.

Isaac Frazier has another extrication quick tip.


The field of risk management has boomed, but saving people is just as needed as saving their money, Jeremy Hurd writes.


It all starts with rig checks and SCBA checks by us, Chad Menard writes.



John K. Murphy on FDIC and the firefighter attorneys’ opinions on important issues facing the fire service and how to avoid legal jeopardy.



Dan Kerrigan shares another story of health success.


Parents of children with autism have a lot in common with firefighters, Jennifer Sollars Miller says.


How many hours did you train last year? Nick Ledin on putting in the time.


Art Goodrich on politics in the fire service and FDIC.

Ron Kanterman comments on the recent passing of Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator Glenn Gaines.

“The question here is what do we do with the information?” Doug Mitchell reviews FDIC International 2015.