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Operating More Than One Hoseline from a Standpipe

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 5 and Volume 168.

By BILL GUSTIN View Image Gallery>> Charging and flowing additional hoselines from a standpipe when the initial hoseline is already in operation require close coordination because the additional flow of the second hoseline will result in an increase in friction loss in the standpipe and hoselines supplying the fire department connection. Consequently, the additional hoselines can “steal” water from the initial hoseline and endanger its crew. Situations that can require operating more than one hoseline from a standpipe include large areas with little or no compartmentation, such as office suites in commercial high-rise buildings; large, luxury apartments; and hotel suites. In Florida, the State Legislature passed a law giving condominium owner associations until 2019 to retrofit their buildings with sprinklers. Consequently, the state has dozens of luxury high-rise condominium buildings on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico with no sprinkler protection, many with units of more than 3,000…

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