Building Construction, Firefighting, Truck Company

Hidden Fires in Void Spaces

Issue 7 and Volume 169.

Scenario: A call comes in for a reported fire in a structure (it could be commercial or residential). The caller states that he has smoke in his building but he does not see any fire. Responding units report smoke showing but no visible fire. (1) Members drilling on the roof of a commercial structure encounter a gypsum deck over a plywood deck. The supporting members of this roof appear to be 2×4s to allow easier pitching of the roof for drainage. (Photos 1-4 by Dave Topczynski.) These responses happen frequently throughout the world. The duties of the first-arriving companies will be to locate the source of the fire and extinguish it properly. If we respond to the fire with heavy smoke that shows no visible fire, then this could be a deep-seated fire in the basement or fire traveling in enclosed spaces such as the attic. (2) White gypsum dust…

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