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Firefighter Code Voice: NFPA Seeking Technical Committee Members

By Jack J. Murphy

To help in “Taming the Fire Environment,” firefighters are encouraged to get more involved in the code and standard development process. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committees are seeking members for:

1.      Enforcer Funding Program: The NFPA  is providing funding for NFPA Technical Committee participation for certain public sector Committee members who have been designated by the NFPA Standards Council, for purposes of committee balance, in the category of “Enforcing Authority (E)” (“Enforcers”)


2.      Apply for Technical Committee membership: .

For technical committees seeking members go to:

NOTE:  September 8, 2016 is the deadline for submitting Technical Committee membership applications for consideration at the December 2016多多在线观看免费视频 Standards Council meeting. 

Be safe out there.

Jack MurphyJack J. Murphy, MA, is a fire marshal (ret.)/fmr. deputy chief and has served as a deputy fire coordinator for the N.J. Div. of Fire Safety (Bergen Region). He is the Chairman of the New York City High-Rise Fire Safety Directors Assoc., a member of the NFPA High-Rise Building Safety Advisory and 1620-Pre-Incident Planning Committees. He has published various fire service articles and authored: RICS; Rapid Incident Command System Field Handbooks; the “Pre-Incident Planning” Chapter-29 of the Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I & II; and co-authored, “Bridging the Gap: Fire Safety and Green Buildings.”  Jack is a PennWell Fire Group Executive Board member, a Fire Engineering contributing editor, co-hosts Taming the Fire Environment on the Fire Engineering website and he has received the 2012 Fire Engineering Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.