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Beware the Structural Carcass: Building Collapse After the Fire Is Out

Issue 1 and Volume 170.

BY ANTHONY AVILLO Consider the following line-of-duty death (LODD) incidents: Firefighters extinguish a fire in a building that was already gutted and had been the scene of previous fires. Shortly after putting the fire under control, a wall collapses, killing a firefighter and injuring many others. Firefighters enter an exposure building adjacent to a four-story shell of a factory at which a fire completely gutted the interior and caused a total floor collapse. One of the remaining free-standing walls collapsed onto the exposure, killing two firefighters and injuring several more. Firefighters re-enter a church that had been completely gutted by fire. Shortly thereafter, the steeple collapsed, killing two firefighters and injuring almost 30. After using a defensive attack to extinguish much of the fire, companies entered a building to perform overhaul, during which the roof collapsed. One firefighter was killed and several injured. The building was vacant and dilapidated before…

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