Firefighting, Technical Rescue, USAR

FDNY Rope Rescue

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By Robert Morris Jr. and Michael M. Dugan A rope rescue off the roof of a burning building is one of the most daring rescues a firefighter can make. Doing it when the rope might be exposed to fire and could melt or break is a phenomenal rescue. When studying for promotion in the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), we had a code to remember the rescue priorities: “I Have (a) Fat Little Rump,” which equated to interior exits were the primary and safest. That was followed by horizontal exits moving people away from the fire area. The third option was fire escapes, which had railings and were a little safer for civilians. If none of those options was available, then we used ladders, which would take a lot of firefighters to accomplish. The last resort was always a rope, because the firefighter and the rescued civilian are going…

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