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Mean and Mad

Issue 7 and Volume 170.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last column, I reminisced about attending FDIC for the first time early in my career as a firefighter. I described the conference classes and the special experience of visiting the Memphis (TN) Fire Department (MFD). The MFD was a well-established, structured, big-city system that was very different from the western, newer department where I started (and finished) my career. It was an exceptional experience for a very curious firefighter with one and a half years in the service. FDIC International: Education I have just returned from attending the 2017 version of the same event I attended in 1959, and I have reflected on the long-time effect of the experience. The attendance at this year’s FDIC International was overwhelming – just shy of 34,000 attended. Firefighters from all over showed up in Indianapolis. It was interesting to hang out and observe the huge group for a week. Other…

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