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What Day?

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 8 and Volume 170.

By ALAN BRUNACINI Given that I am unemployed and actively avoiding work, I now spend most of my time aimlessly wandering about seeking just about anything that makes sense to me. So far, I have not discovered much that does, but I continue to seek. One of the major areas of my focus of wonderment as I read and watch and listen is why we humans behave as we do. Lots of times when the nightly news is on and recounting the human behavior score for the day, I ask the LWD (little white dog), What in the world are they reporting and what planet are we on? Generally, she just cocks her head a bit, goes back to sleep, and happily dreams of dinnertime treats. She seems to have a very low stress level, probably because she is more preoccupied with treats than human behavior. I probably should adopt…

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