Firefighting, Fireground Management, Leadership

Why Are You Screaming?

Issue 9 and Volume 170.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI I have used most of my monthly visit with you discussing some activity relating to being a functional boss. I have been a student of boss behaviors for a long time and continue to try to understand what leaders must do to effectively care for humans in the workplace. We have in the recent past looked at evaluating boss effectiveness on a vertical hierarchy; listed boss goofs; connected effective boss behaviors to delivering service to Mrs. Smith; and bounced around descriptions of applications of simple, but critical, no-brainer management ideas to support the troops who do the work of our business. A boss activity that I continue to try to make sense of is what it takes to be an effective incident commander (IC). As a young firefighter, I developed an early curiosity about the dynamics and challenges of managing a hazard zone operation. I observed bosses…

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