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IC Scream Prevention Program

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 10 and Volume 170.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI During my career, I have had a ringside seat to closely watching the birth of two brand new fire service characters: the paramedic and the incident commander (IC). The paramedic was the product of our developing the modern emergency medical response system. Since the beginning of our service, we have delivered very primitive first-aid services to the community. Mrs. Smith called us when she was out of balance for a variety of reasons that in some way involved her physical safety: fire, rescue, medical, or any unplanned emergency physical disruption. We make very rapid house calls, so who else would she call? When I was a young firefighter, we responded mostly to structure fires; occasionally, we would respond to “resuscitator calls.” We had a toolbox full of bandages and a gigantic resuscitator that weighed 95 pounds that was too large to fit in a big foot locker.…

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