Building Construction, Firefighting

New Haven Condo Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 170.

By Michael M. Dugan You get a report of smoke showing from one of the new condo complexes in your town. It is most likely going to be a building of lightweight construction with lots of voids and concealed spaces that allow fire travel. Firefighters from the New Haven (CT) Fire Department encountered this type of building in December 2016. The building was a condo complex built on the river with limited access. This made getting apparatus and water to the building very difficult. The building also had an underground parking garage. Most of you have a complex or buildings of this type in your response area. (1) Smoke is seen from the first floor or ground floor, which is above a parking garage. This building might get confusing depending on what you call the floor levels. You can also see smoke showing from the vents at roof level. (Photos…

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