Fireground Management, Officer Development

Hallway Walls

Issue 11 and Volume 170.

bruno “unplugged” ❘ BY ALAN BRUNACINI   I have a recurring, very positive experience when I visit an elementary or a high school. This happens when I am the guest instructor of a fire department sponsoring a Saturday/Sunday seminar held in one of the classrooms of a local school. The kids are out of school for the weekend, so we generally are the only ones in the building. One of the parts of the visit I really enjoy is wandering the halls and taking in all the educational wall art before class starts or during the breaks. The content of the posters is generally directed toward some dimension of positive student behavior and simple lessons of becoming a responsible young citizen. As I digest (and generally take notes) on the message, I quickly identify that most of the direction is for the kids, but the message directly applies to the…

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