Structural Firefighting, Systems

What Firefighters Must Know About Fire Protection Systems, Part 1

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By Bill Gustin There is a disconnect between fire officers who are primarily involved in firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS) and officers in fire prevention, whose job it is to inspect building fire protection systems. A consequence of this disconnect is that fire suppression officers tend to know very little about the design and function of building systems, such as heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC), smoke control, and alarm systems; sprinklers; and standpipes. This article examines the reasons fire officers in Operations, those responding to emergency calls, must have a thorough knowledge of building systems. It also examines ways fire departments can gain the knowledge to train their personnel by reaching out to their Fire Prevention Bureau, Building Department, and fire protection system contractors. (1) A bus duct, a sheet metal enclosure for copper bus bars, is commonly used instead of cables in conduit for electrical distribution systems of…

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