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If These Walls Could Talk: eBuilding Intelligence

Issue 5 and Volume 171.

By JACK J. MURPHY During World War II, young Navy Officer Frank Brannigan realized he was unprepared to deal with a fire at the naval base under his command. Needing to understand more about each building, he developed a concept of learning how to prepare to fight a building fire prior to the incident; hence, the concept of the prefire plan was born. Over the years, the fire service has never completely bought into the preplanning concept. Say “preplanning” to many fire companies who do battle in these buildings, and they respond with fire prevention and code plan reviews. (1) Even before firefighters enter this building, the windows are “talking” to them. The top three floors may indicate a change of more than a window upgrade, while the old window frames below indicate what? Until a fire company performs a building recon to gather intelligence, fireground safety remains in jeopardy.…

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