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Bensenville (IL) Top-Floor Apartment Fire

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By MICHAEL M. DUGAN Scenario: The tones go off at the Bensenville (IL) Fire Department (BFD) at 0615 hours for a fire in a three-story apartment. While units are en route, the Bensenville Police Department arrives on scene and confirms a working fire on the top floor. The building was built using ordinary construction in the 1970s, has 18 units, and features a wood-joist mansard roof. (1) Heavy fire can be seen in the top-floor unit of this three-story building. Because of the amount of fire burning in the unit and into the cockloft, defensive operations are being set up. (Photos by Tim Olk.) Know Your Building and Area Knowledge of your response area is critical. This building was in the flight path of O’Hare International Airport; therefore, when the building was renovated, triple-pane, thermal-glass windows were installed to deaden airplane noise. Fire showing out of triple-pane windows indicates there…

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