Firefighting, Fireground Management

Mutual Aid Does Not Need to Be a Mutual Mess

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BY ANTHONY AVILLO Mutual and automatic aid, properly coordinated and used, are critical in creating a safe fireground. Unplanned; uncoordinated; undisciplined; and, therefore, unacceptable mutual-aid operations become nothing more than a line-of-duty injury and fatality delivery system. Nonexistent, ill-maintained, or unenforced mutual-aid policies create a Tower of Babel firefighting condition, which is a by-product of the failure to communicate among those who share mutual aid. Multiple agencies speaking multiple uncoordinated operational languages set the stage for bad things to happen. Communication is the lifeblood of the fire service. It bombards us from all angles, formally through our own department channels, informally through “the grapevine,” and externally through the continuous barrage of mass media and professional information. It seems we communicate with everyone. Unfortunately, we often fail to communicate with our closest neighbors. Although we regularly use their services, we are often like two (usually more) fire departments passing in the night. Full-contact…

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