Engine Company, Systems

Standpipe Operations, Part 1: Preparing for Fire Attack

Issue 3 and Volume 172.

By Bill Gustin The first objective of firefighting strategy is the protection of civilian lives. This can be achieved in one of two ways: (1) remove occupants from fire or (2) remove fire from occupants. Firefighters commonly remove occupants from fire in private residences and small multiple dwellings by operations such as interior search, ladder rescue, and vent-enter-isolate-search procedures. The second way to protect civilian lives, taking fire away from occupants, is achieved by controlling the fire. This is often the best way to protect lives in buildings that are too tall to be evacuated in a timely fashion or are occupied by residents who are physically impaired and cannot self-evacuate. Occupancy is arguably the most important factor considered in a size-up of any fire building. Occupancy indicates what the building is used for, the risk to occupants, and the acceptable and appropriate level of risk to firefighters. Fire departments…

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