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Standpipe Operations, Part 2: Tactical Considerations

多多在线观看免费视频Issue 4 and Volume 172.

By Bill Gustin Part 1 appeared in the March 2019 issue. High-rise fires are high-risk/low-frequency events, and opportunities for many fire departments to participate in intense, high-quality, multicompany standpipe drills are rare. Here, we examine the answers to the following three questions: (1) If standpipe training is infrequent, skill levels are inconsistent, and personnel may have never trained together, why invite confusion by having more than one option for performing a standpipe hose evolution? (2) Wouldn’t there be advantages to performing standpipe operations basically the same way every time? (3) Since options for performing standpipe operations vary according to conditions, why not operate as if conditions were at their worst—smoke and heat are banked down on the fire floor in the public hallway? (1) Thoroughly flush a standpipe outlet to clear it of rocks, sediment, and debris. Don’t let occupants get caught in the waterfall and be swept down the…

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