Leadership: Go Ahead, Boss! Write Me Up!

Issue 7 and Volume 172.

BY EDDIE BUCHANAN Odds are, you have observed someone in your fire department who consistently performs poorly and that you wonder, “How does he still work here? Why doesn’t management get rid of him?” Seems easy enough; why isn’t something done? Fast-forward a few months to your performance evaluation. Your boss gives you a decent rating, but the discussion seems to cover only the past couple of months. You moved mountains during the first few months of the performance period, but that was long ago and out of management’s mind by now. Both scenarios have a common issue that challenges most organizations— documentation.    These days, leadership is all the rage in the fire service. Social media pages and Web sites pop up daily touting one leadership theory or another. Being the coach and cheerleader for your people is the easy and popular part. Providing honest, critical feedback can be…

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