Firefighting, Truck Company


Issue 1 and Volume 173.

ON FIRE ❘ by MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Returning from a first-due second alarm, walking into the firehouse, and seeing the relocated companies in the kitchen sipping coffee and waiting to discuss the job are a way of passing on information. Sharing what we ran into or what we encountered makes us all better. RELATED Rekindle vs. Spoliation Dunn’s Dispatch: Rekindle Fires Roundtable: Rekindles Bill Gustin: HOW TO AVOID REKINDLES As I headed into the housewatch room to write a journal entry, the computer tones went off and the ticket screen was one surely no one wanted to see: the address we’d just taken up from after operating for more than two hours. That information was relayed to the responding units over the PA while the rest of us who were washing masks and cleaning tools and equipment immediately felt a pit in our stomachs. We monitored the radio, waiting patiently…

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