Fire Commentary Roundup: Broken Systems, Promotions, and Avoiding Change

Read some recent commentary pieces from our contributors and the .

Three (Terrible) Reasons to Avoid Change

Make this next year one of tradition enhanced by progress, writes John Lightly.


It may not be that you have a dysfunctional culture. Chris Langlois argues that your agency’s culture is exactly what you make of it.


Firefighters are not immune to feeling down during the holidays. Some thoughts on dealing with seasonal depression from Nick Salameh.


Your goal should be to set yourself apart by your work ethic, not your gender, writes Alexis Shady.


Everyone can positively benefit from having a mentor, writes Chris Baker.


Solid Foundations vs. Decorative Elements

John Lightly asks: Is your training foundational or decorative in nature?


Preparing for Promotion: The Interview

Nicholas Christensen offers an overview of what you can expect when the time comes for submitting for promotion.