Leadership, Volunteer Fire Service

Your Fire Service Résumé: A Personal Mission and Vision

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Volunteers Corner
VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By EVAN KUTZIN Walk into the headquarters of a progressive fire department and it’s likely that you’ll find its Mission and Vision Statements hanging prominently in the lobby or outside the chief’s office, displayed proudly for the community to see and to keep department members energized, engaged, and motivated. Clearly articulating the department’s mission and vision has become the primary means of launching the strategic planning process not only within the fire service but throughout the public and private sectors, nongovernmental organizations, and nonprofits alike. Fire Department Interviews and the Informational Vacuum USING MISSION STATEMENTS IN THE FIRE SERVICE: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR COMPANIES ARE DOING? Lead Your Rural Agency to Success with an Organizational Philosophy Evolution of a Mission Statement Although the process of defining an organizational mission and vision has been discussed in Fire Engineering in the past, a quick review should help to…

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