Heroism in Detroit: Fire at a Senior Living Facility

Issue 02 and Volume 173.

FIRE FOCUS ❘ By BILL GUSTIN When we read accounts of fires, it’s natural to focus more on the events that we think could occur in our jurisdiction. Before you dismiss the following fire that occurred in Detroit, Michigan, as something that occurs only in big cities, consider the construction of modern buildings in your area. Preincident Intelligence of Special Care Facilities Evacuating a Senior Living Center: What Does It Really Take? Fires in Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Be Prepared for the Unexpected In rural and suburban areas across the United States and Canada, there is a proliferation of lightweight wood-frame multiple dwellings that are nearly identical to the fire building in this article. Similarly, as areas of big cities undergo gentrification, old buildings are often replaced with modern-day versions of taxpayers. Typically, these are mixed-occupancy buildings with the first two floors being of Type 1 (fire resistive) or Type…

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