Apparatus & Equipment

Extending the Tower Ladder’s Reach

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

By Michael N. Ciampo Fires in high-rise buildings often occur on the upper floors, out of reach of the aerial apparatus. Responses to an injured worker in a tree or an industrial complex with high silos, smokestacks, or exterior catwalks may be out of reach of the aerial as well. Sure, numerous manufacturers make aerial apparatus capable of reaching greater heights, but most departments aren’t equipped with them. Plus, today’s ever-changing landscape is full of cell towers and electronic billboards, often necessitating responses to incidents involving an injured or a stranded worker. The worker may be difficult to remove or access when the fire apparatus ladder comes up short of the objective. RELATED Training Minutes: Extending a Tower Ladder Chauffeur Training for the Tower Ladder Training Minutes: Rescue Tips from the Tower Ladder Bucket We’re also seeing an increase in low-rise (five- to seven-story) multiple dwellings. Can your aerial apparatus…

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