Leadership, Volunteer Fire Service

Are You a “Team Player”?

Issue 03 and Volume 173.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By TIM PILLSWORTH To say that fighting a fire, working an extrication, or responding to any alarm requires a company (engine, truck, rescue) to work as a team to be successful is an understatement. Coaches may say that “the assist is more important than the goal”; I cannot agree more. There are jobs that are more attractive, fun, exciting, or even “sexy” on the fireground. Ask yourself, would you rather be the nozzle or control firefighter? This should be a simple question to answer. Which one is more important? Neither! If one team member is missing or does not perform, the entire operation will fail. When we fail, people are injured or we lose or damage greater amounts of property while putting ourselves at greater risk. Building a Better Leader: Empathy Improves Engagement Harry Carter: Running a Volunteer Fire Department Christopher Niebling: The Right Seat – A…

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